Uechi Picture Gallery
Kanei Uechi
Kanei Uechi
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Kanei Uechi
Kanei Uechi
Kanbun Uechi
Grand Master Kanbun Uechi and various pictures of Grand Master Kanei Uechi
NOTE: Some of these photographs have been edited from the original to improve viewing and  quality.
Kanbun Uechi,  1877 -- 1948
Old photographs of Kanei Uechi and old time dojo PIX. Do you see any familar faces?
Presented by Dave Sargent
About 1980 a student of mine had an uncle that practiced Uechi-Ryu while
stationed on Okinawa. The uncle had a collection of photographs (8X10) that I
was allowed to make copies of, so I photographed them. These are those
photographs. The time frame was about 1966 as determined by additional
material with the photos.   DS
Kanei Uechi,  1911 -- 1991
These very large temple guards have been
on display at the DeYoung museum in San
Francisco, CA. Advanced students will
recognize the stances.  
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Additional Pictures of Interest
A rare photo-op following the 1992
tournament in Okinawa allowed me to
capture this photo of Master Inada and
Master Takara.  
Seminar 2000 Photos (see Redwood City site for more)