Shihan Dave Sargent, Kyoshi, 8th Dan
Cell:  (408) 605-5893
The San Jose Uechi-Ryu West Karate Club began under the direction of Sensei Carl
Chrappa in 1973. Carl was a student of Van Canna,  and Carl was Dave's original sensei.
The dojo has been in continous operation since then. Dave has directed the dojo since 1977,  
and became affiliated with Ahti Kaend about that time.  Dave has visited Okinawa in 1992,
1998, and 2006.  He  was promoted to Kiyoshi, 8th Dan by OKIKUKAI in August, 2014.

In November 2017, Ted Earle was named Chief Instructor and Director of the San Jose dojo.
Dave continues his practice at the dojo, and has taken on the task of dojo advisor.

The dojo has been located in the
Matthew Susanj Youth Center since 1977, and operates as
a non-profit club. It is the oldest Uechi-Ryu dojo in the San Francisco bay area. The practice
in the dojo is classical Okinawan self defense with a
defensive mindset. Karate tournaments
are not the  primary focus, but may be attended on occasion.

We also practice YANG STYLE TAI JI QUAN.

The dojo is located in South San Jose at the intersection of Blossom Hill Road, and
Almaden Expressway on the East side of the Toys R Us store in the Matthew Susanj Youth
Class hours and days are:
Tuesday, Thursday          6:15 to 8:00 PM
Saturday                          10:00AM  to  Noon
Call for additional details.
Openings are available for teen and adult students.  Class size is limited to 15 students.
Back row: Okinawan visitors with Ahti and Dave
Front: San Jose students attending the special class
Dojo Map
Dojo Address: 1088 Blossom Hill Road at Almaden Expressway , San Jose, CA  95123
Sensei Carl Chrappa, 1978
A photograph of Dave's original Sensei,
Carl Chrappa.
(  click for a large photo )
Youth Center web site
Email Dave Sargent for issues and content of
the Uechi-Ryu-West web site.
For local area children and pre-teen classes we recommend AAK Way of Karate (408) 578-5250
For an aerial view of the Dojo
    OKIKUKAI WEST,   Nov. 2012 Group Workout and test
2013 Ladies in attendance
San Jose Group 2013
May 2013 group workout
Feb. 2016 class led by Christine Luu, Nidan
May 2016 Group at Morrow Bay
Morrow Bay 2017 Successful Test Candidates
Demo, Ted Earle vs Damon Brown ,
2017 Morrow Bay
Ted Earle Shimi Test,
2017 Morrow Bay
2013 workout group
San Jose Group 2013
San Jose Group 2013
Ted Earle and Damon Brown
Displaying Godan Certificates
after the May 2017 workout
               Chief Instructor
Jun-Shihan Ted Earle, Godan, 5th dan
Cell: 408-219-4188
Ted started training in Uechi Ryu as a
young man at the San Jose dojo in 1982.  
After extensive training and tournament
wins, he was promoted to Shodan in 1985.  
Following his promotion to Nidan in 1986,
he took a break in official training in 1990.
Ted returned to San Jose and was promoted
to Sandan in 2009, Yondan in 2012 and
recently Godan in 2017.  Ted has had many
years of teaching experience, and was
certified as a Jun-Shihan instructor in 2013.