Olga Kaend
Ahti Kaend,    
The late Sensei Ahti Kaend taught Uechi-Ryu in Orange County since 1970. Mr.
Kaend also founded the first
Uechi-Ryu school in Australia, and taught there for for
several years. That school continues today and has produced a two-time
All-Okinawan tournament jiyu kumite champion.  Mr. Kaend also established
Uechi-Ryu organizations in Canada and Sri Lanka.  Mr. Kaend had over 45 years of
martial arts experience to draw from.

In November 1998 Sensei Ahti Kaend was promoted to Hachidan by Mr. Nakahado
Sensei and the OKIKUKAI testing board. Sensei Olga Kaend was promoted to
Photographs at the left taken at the OKIKUKAI
headquarters dojo November 1998. Click on the image
for a larger view.
April 13, 1931 - August 7, 2001
Olga Kaend
Telephone: (916) 966-6097
Olga Kaend is now retired from teaching Uechi-ryu at their dojo. She
remains on the Uechi-ryu West Board, and with her extensive knowledge,
acts as an advisor at Uechi-ryu West functions. She now lives in Fair Oaks,
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