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Austrlia and India     (Okikukai)
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Alberta, Canada - Desa School of Karate     (Okikukai)
Eastern Arts On Line Magazine - George Mattson    (NAC)
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Recommended video tapes for Uechi-ryu and Shohei-ryu
Roy Miller, Isshin-ryu --- a special friend of Uechi-Ryu West
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Extensive list of links from George Mattson's web site
Arizona - Al Saddler    (Uehara)
Sacramento, CA - Sensei Joan Neide  (NAC)
Sacramento Photo Links:
James Thompson, May 2001
George Mattson, April 2002
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Sensei Robb Van Der Volgen, Jr.  (NAUKA)
Richmond, CA - Sensei Mehran Shahkar,  OKIKUKAI