During the period of July 5 to July 12, senseis Ahti and Olga Kaend hosted a seminar
featuring Senseis Shintoku Takara and Tsutomu Nakahado at the Garden Grove Dojo. The
seminar was well attended, but not over crowded. It was evident that those who previously had
an opportunity to work out with these fine Okinawan practitioners did not pass up the chance
for another session. Those that could not attend really missed out on an enlighting experience.
Work out sessions were every day from 9 - 11 AM and 2 - 4 PM. While most attendees did
not have time to stay more than 2 - 4 days, Scott Axlund from the San Jose dojo used vacation
time to attend for the entire period. The sessions were primarily devoted to kata. We were all
impressed, and even amazed, at how intricate the critique of our practice was carried out.
These great Okinawan Masters not only saw the most detailed variances in form; they
remembered in detail day after day the critiques made to every individual. Regardless of
weather the student was a kyu rank or advanced dan rank, their attention to detail was
unwavering, and they maintained their full attention to every detail throughout the entire eight
day session. Before their departure, they expressed to Ahti sensei that they were very
impressed with the level and quality of the practice they had observed.

Below are a few photographs captured during the sessions. We hope all visitors to this page
will enjoy them. Also, visit the Redwood City dojo link and see Scott Axlund's comments and
photographs on his site.

West Coast OKIKUKAI / Uechi-Ryu seminar with Master Takara and Master Nakahodo
Click on the small photos for a large view with caption.