All India OKIKUKAI Board and Instructors with Master Kaend,  1995
Master Ahti Kaend, 1995
1995 Uechi-Ryu Seminar with Master Ahti Kaend
Ahti and Olga Kaend     1997 visit to India
Master Ahti Kaend and Master Mehran Shahkar during India visit in 1999.
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Affilated with the OKIKUKAI Organization, Okinawa and Australia
Sensei Ahti Kaend first travled to India in 1995. He spent one month there giving many
seminars. Up to six hours a day was spent teaching eager students. The karateka in India
practice their art in earnest, and undergo grueling heat and humidity during many work out
sessions. Master Kaend traveled extensivly throughout India on this trip.
Sensei Ahti and Sensei Olga Kaend traveled to Madras, India again in
1997. During this 2 week trip, 40 students were promoted to Uechi-Ryu
During this 10 day visit to Madras more students were promoted to Shodan, and some
to Nidan. Another trip to India is scheduled for the near future.
Uechi-Ryu Australia
OKIKUKAI India is now under the guideance of Arthur Moulas, Kyoshi, 7th Dan, Australia.
Contact him via the Australia web site for matters regarding Uechi Ryu / Shohei Ryu in India.
Arthur Moulas
Uechi-Ryu Australia
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Note: The photos below were taken during the India OKIKUKAI association with Uechi-Ryu