Ahti Kaend Memorial Page
Memories of Ahti Kaend,  By Dave Sargent
From Arthur Moulas, Australia
In Memorium Of Ahti Kaend, By Steve Goss
OKIKUKAI Headquarters Dojo, 1998
Ahti and Uechi-Ryu in Austrlia
Ahti and Uechi-Ryu in India
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Masters Nakahoto and Takara visit to Garden Grove, CA, Summer 2000
There are many more photos of this event linked on the Uechi-Ryu West main page.
Selected group photos at Ahti and Olga's Garden Grove Dojo
These photos taken in the Garden Grove dojo depict Ahti's attention to detail and excellence.
Ahti with his students in India
See the link to more photos from Ahti's trips to India above or on the Uechi-Ryu West main page.
1970's  Photos at Ahti's Westminister dojo
Ahti Kaend, An even eariler photo.
(from the acrhives of Don Uttenreither)

Dave, Olga, Jim